북가주 지역을 중심으로 아름다운 목소리와 천상의 화음을 통해 활발한 연주 활동과 문화봉사 활동을 담당하고 있는 어린이청소년들의 연주단체인 실리콘밸리 청소년 합창단" SILICON VALLEY YOUTH CHORUS의 홈페이지입니다.

SILICON VALLEY YOUTH ORCHESTRA자매단체로 창단되어 함께 연주활동을 펼치는 SVYC 합창단은 토요일 오후 2시에 정기연습을 갖고, 예술감독인 김 현 지휘자의 감독 아래 각 파트별 Voice Directors와 Ensemble Director들과 함께 발성지도와 음악이론 및 실습 강의, 연주실전 리허설을 통하여 체계적인 훈련을 받게 되고, 매 학기 정기 연주회 및 커뮤니티 봉사연주, SVYO 오케스트라와의 합동연주 등의 연주활동을 하는 청소년 합창단입니다관심과 재능있는 많은 학생 여러분의 참여를 바랍니다.

 합창단원 지원: 1-12학년 학생 연주자

 정기연습: 토요일 오후 2시-4시반 in Sunnyvale

 활동문의:, 408.890.0335


2020 봄학기 리허설 시작
● 날짜: Saturday, February 8, 2020 at 2PM
● 장소: 대성장로교회
● 오디션 신청: Phone/ 408-890-0335, E-Mail/

2020 Spring New Member Audition 
봄학기 신입단원 오디션

● Date: Saturday, January 11 at 2-5PM
● Place: DAESUNG Church
● 오디션 내용: 지정곡 및 리허설 실습
● 오디션 신청:

2019 Winter Concert Poster

2019-20 시즌 가을학기 리허설 시작
● 날짜: Sunday, SEPTEMBER 7, 2019 at 2PM
● 장소: 대성장로교회
● 오디션 신청: Phone/ 408-890-0335, E-Mail/

2019-20 시즌 오리엔테이션
● 날짜: Saturday, AUGUST 24, 2019 at 3PM
● 장소: 대성장로교회
● 시즌 준비모임입니다.

HYUN KIM, Artistic Director
  • Hyun Kim, music director and CEO of Silicon Valley Philharmonic, was born in Seoul, Korea.  He received B.M. in composition at ChongShin University where he started his conducting career. He studied orchestral conducting with Dr. Jaedong Jung and Professor Nosang Geum at ChungAng University in Korea.  He performed many concerts as a music director and conductor with various music organizations including Ilsan Youth Symphony Orchestra and Kwachon Youth Symphony. In 1993, he was chosen to conduct the Festival Ensemble in Seoul Contemporary Music Festival by Seoul Music Association. In the United States, he studied composition and conducting at Sonoma State University with Dr. Brian S. Wilson. He founded Silicon Valley Youth Symphony in 2008 and San Francisco Korean Symphony & Chorus in 2009 and has been proudly leading them, also as a local musician, he has conducted several classical music groups in the bay area. 

IN HUI LEE, Voice Director
  • Soprano In Hui Lee started singing in a Boys and Girls Choir when she was 10. She has performed Operas, Choirs, musicals, and CD recordings in Europe, Canada, South Korea, and the United States. While she was in Yonsei University, she was awarded a University Presidential Award. She has received her Masters degree in Voice from California State University of East Bay.

JEONGHEE LEE, Ensemble Director
  • Jeonghee Lee is a pianist and composer who works in the Bay Area. He graduated from Yonsei University with BM in music composition and received a master's degree in contemporary keyboard performance from McNally Smith College of Music. He has released many sound tracks as a composer of famous movies in Korea, and has been a pianist of jazz orchestra, choirs, and churches since he came to the United States.